About John Pearse


Advanced Security Options (ASO) Instructor John Pearse possesses over 10 years of criminal and juvenile justice experience. Instructor Pearse brings a balanced myriad of attributes to ASO that include evidence-based judicial management, law enforcement, probation and parole, corrections and multiple different training platforms. Instructor Pearse earned his Bachelor of Science from Central Connecticut State University (B.S. Criminology) and currently serves as a drill and primary instructor at the New Mexico Corrections Training Academy (NMCTA).

● Drill & Ceremony
● Ethics & Professionalism
● Parole Plan Investigations
● Search & Seizure
● Report Writing
● Office Safety
● Field Operations
● Motivational Interviewing
● Scenario Training
● Substance Abuse
● Domestic Abuse
● Case File Management
● Physical Training
● NMCTA Training Instructor
● NM Probation & Parole Officer
● CT Trainer
● Residential Supervisor
● Police Officer