About Adam Baum


Adam Baum is currently the Basic Section Chief for the New Mexico Corrections Department Training Academy. Mr. Baum has over 10 years of experience in Public safety as well as in a training capacity. He currently oversees and approves all training facilitated during the New Mexico Corrections Department basic training. Much of his time involves the training and professional development of working adults in various public safety topics and or skills. Over the years Mr. Baum has developed a vast knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum development, training design, and utilization of that training in the classroom. Prior to this time Mr. Baum worked as a Probation/Parole Officer supervising a wide range of Probationers and Parolee’s.  Mr. Baum is currently an Instructor in various platforms and is a Master Instructor in Defensive Tactics. Prior to his time with the New Mexico Corrections Department, Mr. Baum earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of New Mexico with a major in Criminology and a Minor in communications. Mr. Baum has been trained in many courses and instructs them.

● Introduction to Counter Intelligence Awareness
● Anti-Terrorism Awareness
● Defensive Tactics
● RCM Use of Force
● Motivational Interviewing
● Firearms
● Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Specialist
● Close quarters tactics (Krav Maga)
● OPS investigator
● Defensive Tactics Master Instructor
● Pepper Ball Instructor/Armor
● NMCTA Training Instructor