About Advanced Security Options.

A.S.O has a combined thirty years of Corrections, Probation and Parole and Law Enforcement Training experience providing the private security sector, and detention center officers with realistic and proven training for today’s world.

Who we are.

Advanced Security Options (A.S.O) is the first private enterprise/business, geared towards training private security businesses, and Detention Centers.  A.S.O has a combined Thirty Years (30) of experience in State Corrections, State Probation and Parole and Law Enforcement Training. Instructors whom are employed with A.S.O are State Certified Corrections, Probation and Parole and Law Enforcement Officers. Most, A.S.O Instructors are still currently employed with a State Agency, providing A.S.O with the most up-to-date course curriculum. Instructors employed with A.S.O are T for T (Training for Trainers) certified. T for T is a National Recognized certification for Instructors to be able to facilitate class room instruction.  All A.S.O instructors have areas of expertise; A.S.O will provide the private security sector with certified/ accredited course curriculum and hands on instruction, A.S.O can provide professional Training for Security Professionals and Detention/Corrections Officers.

Aaron Bell

Owner, Founder

About Aaron

Aaron Bell, owner and founder of Advanced Security Options has more than 16 years of experience working for the New Mexico Corrections Department as both a Corrections Officer and Training Instructor.

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Adam Baum


About Adam

Adam Baum is currently the Basic Section Chief for the New Mexico Corrections Department Training Academy. Mr. Baum has over 10 years of experience in Public safety as well as in a training capacity.

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John Pearse


About John

Advanced Security Options (ASO) Instructor John Pearse possesses over 10 years of criminal and juvenile justice experience and currently serves as a drill and primary instructor at the New Mexico Corrections Training Academy (NMCTA).

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Frederick Zane Church

Specialty Instructor

About Zane

Specialty Instructor Zane Church was the first person to achieve the rank of Master Instructor (6th degree black belt) in IPP Krav Maga. He also holds a 1st degree black belt in Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and is a certified Filipino Martial Arts Instructor

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Anthony Gangi

Specialty Instructor

About Anthony

Advanced Security Options (ASO) Instructor Anthony Gangi possesses over 16 years of experience working in a correctional setting dealing with both male and female offenders. With a background in Psychology, he has become a leading expert in inmate manipulation.

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Defensive Tactics

Defensive Tactics (State Certified Course)
Restraints/Multiple Hand Cuffing Tactics
Edge Weapon Defense
Knife Defense
Weapon Retention
Long Gun

Crowd Control

Riot Line Operations
Building Entry
Room Clearing
Cell Extractions


Area Surveillance
Officer Presence
Permiter Control

Chemical Agents

Level I – Full face saturation, of O.C Pepper Spray
Level II – Cross contamination, environment factors of O.C.
Level III – Area contamination.

How we work.

1A.S.O provides private security sector and detention center officers with realistic and proven training for today’s world. Instructors have many years of service and vast knowledge within areas of their respected expertise.

2 You may initiate contact with A.S.O. either by telephone, e-mail, or feel free to get in touch with us by leaving your information via our website contact us form. An A.S.O representative will promptly be in contact with you.

3 A.S.O. will illicit, gather, and analyze your unique security requirements and our skilled instructors will tailor and provide class room instruction and/or hands on realistic training tailored to your agency’s needs.